5G development status

  Judging from the current 5G industry chain, no country in the world is fully prepared, but the license has been issued, which also means that the 5G industry has entered a new stage of development. As for whether 5G, like 4G, will become the material basis of the social industrial structure in the future, we cannot know the result for the time being.

  As for 5G, ordinary people's understanding only stays at the level of "fast internet speed". In fact, 5G covers a wide range of areas. In the field of education, it can be applied to smart classrooms. In the medical field, it can use 5G+ remote ultrasound inspections, as well as new application scenarios such as intensive care. 

  The reason why 5G has received global attention is precisely because of its unlimited application prospects. Both our known business and our unknown business may involve the application of 5G technology.

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