LG TV backlight strip/

LED backlight strip 4/5 lamp for 43u4700la 43E388G TH-43FX680C SW43D09L-ZC22AG-11 02 SW43D09R HD-434KC7 7710-643000-R100 - 副本

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The LED Backlight Advantage

High brightness up to 700 nits
Long operating life, typically lasting over 100,000 hours
More energy saving
Wide scope of application
More environmentally friendly

Easy to Install


100% Brand new  !!!
Strips length are fixed, can not be cu
LED Qty: 4/5 led
Light bar model: SW43D09L-ZC22AG-11 02  SW43D09R
Applicable TV model(适用电视机型号):43u4700la 43E388G TH-43FX680C HD-434KC7
Voltage Number of Lamp Beads: 0-94Vlots
Package including:8 pieces

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